Author: International Archives Of Otorhinolaryngology

Otorhinolaryngologists and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) [Originally published in Int. Arch. Otorhinolaryngol., vol.24 no.2]

The Brazilian Association of Laryngology and Voice (Academia Brasileira de Laringologia e Voz, ABLV, in Portuguese), concerned about the damage caused by COVID-19 and following the same line of warnings issued by other scientific societies around the world, such as the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), made some recommendations related to endoscopic examinations of the upper airways and digestive tract, which include nasal video-endoscopy, video-laryngoscopy, video-laryngostroboscopy, video-nasofibro-laryngoscopy, and swallowing videoendoscopy. Available in English. Read More →

High Risk of COVID-19 Infection for Head and Neck Surgeons [Originally published in Int. Arch. Otorhinolaryngol., vol.24 no.2]

It is mandatory to alert all professionals who need to do head and neck exams (including eye exams) of patients, with or without access to upper aerodigestive pathways (videolaryngoscopy, for example), rehabilitation procedures or even hygiene of this region (tracheostomies, dressings). Given the high professional risk, the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo recommends that surgery and elective consultations be suspended, except for those of an oncological nature, in addition to urgencies and emergencies. Available in English. Read More →