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Trans/Form/Ação officially adopts preprints as a submission method

Digital illustration of a round table with eight figures sitting around it with laptops, notebooks, papers and cell phones.

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Trans/Form/Ação is now accepting preprints as a form of submission. This pilot model seeks to encourage scientific debate and the improvement of texts of philosophical interest. Doctors or doctoral students who have passed their qualifying exams can submit their manuscripts on a continuous basis. Available in Portuguese only. Read More →

Bibliometric study on the adoption of open science measures reveals high scores for both Brazilian and SciELO-indexed journals

Photograph of a black-painted wooden door with glass and a lever handle that is being turned to open the door. Next to the handle is a sign reading "Push".

Since 2019, SciELO has advocated for the adoption of open science practices which serve to increase transparency and scientific rigor of published science. A recent study provides a glimpse of the adoption of these measures among Ibero-American publications. Read More →

SciELO Program pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of the Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia (IBICT)

IBICT celebrates its seventieth anniversary in 2024 with a remarkable track record of policies, programs, products, and services aimed at democratizing the publication, registration and dissemination of scientific and technical information that have shaped the development of library and information science in Brazil. Read More →

Large Language Publishing [Originally published in the Upstream blog in January/2024]

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The New York Times ushered in the New Year with a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft. OpenAI and its Microsoft patron had, according to the filing, stolen “millions of The Times’ copyrighted news articles, in-depth investigations, opinion pieces, reviews, how-to guides,” and more—all to train OpenAI’s LLMs. Read More →

Preprints in debate… six years later

Photo of data falling on a gray background.

Six years have passed since social science publishers began debating preprints. A look back shows that the “risks” and “promises” raised in that debate rested on an inadequate understanding of the nature of preprints in the field. The SciELO preprints server, however, ended up showing some unexpected benefits. Read More →

Does Artificial Intelligence have hallucinations?

Neural net completion for "artificial intelligence", as done by DALL-E mini.

AI applications have demonstrated impressive capabilities, including the generation of very fluent and convincing responses. However, LLMs, chatbots, and the like, are known for their ability to generate non-objective or nonsensical statements, more commonly known as “hallucinations.” Could it be that they are on drugs? Available in Spanish only. Read More →

AI: How to detect chatbox texts and their plagiarism

Plagiarism diagram. The diagram consists of a drawing of three sheets of paper with text, one next to the other, followed below by a red arrow pointing down to a sheet of paper with text on which some passages are highlighted in red.

The ChatGPT-3 application is consulted on four topics under discussion for the production of academic texts acceptable to scientific journal editors. Each question is followed by the answer given by the OpenAI application itself and then by our evaluation, consulting recent sources published on the Internet. Finally, some (human) reflections are presented which, like all things, are subject to discussion or changes brought about by advances in technology. Read More →

SciELO as a space for thinking through scholarly communication

SciELO 25 Years logo

Understanding SciELO as a place to think through scholarly communication allows us to address new challenges for publishers, such as artificial intelligence. SciELO has an ethical component, a technological component and, at its core, a concern for the people who make up the scholarly communication community. Read More →

Revista DADOS creates special editorial office on replicability

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As of this year, Revista DADOS will have an editorial department specifically set up to deal with issues of the replicability of its articles. This commitment included a break with essayism in favor of a more systematic research view, which led to the publication of manuscripts strongly supported by empirical evidence. Read More →

Executive summary: SciELO 25 Years Meeting – Open Science with IDEIA

SciELO 25 Years logo

Various stakeholders met and outlined several key points for the advancement of Open Science in Latin America. These included strengthening the governance of the SciELO Network and aligning it with open science practices, the use of AI tools and resources in research communication and the creation of an Office of Ethics and Good Practices in Scholarly Communication. Read More →

Some thoughts on SciELO 25 Years

SciELO 25 Years logo

The topics covered during the event form a very rich agenda full of challenges for the coming years. We are confident that these challenges will be met satisfactorily on the basis of SciELO’s track record. The Declaration approved at this event touches on the main points of this challenge and we hope that the actors urged in this declaration will fulfill their role in advancing Open Science in the Region. Read More →

Editora Fiocruz Bio Collection: innovative themes and dynamics

"Coleção Bio" logo.

Not by chance, “Tópicos em Virologia” is the first volume of the Bio collection, an innovative movement of Editora Fiocruz, welcoming the initiative of the biomedical community of Fiocruz and partners. The Bio collection is the bet of many collective layers. The proposal is to keep the content permanently updated – and online access is open. The themes aim to occupy niches hitherto lacking content in Portuguese. Milton Ozório Moraes, em>in memorian, a great enthusiast of collective initiatives and dissemination of knowledge, is one of the parents of this collection. Available in Portuguese only. Read More →

Walking the walk: open communication and review in a congress on open science

Black and white photograph of people walking in a courtyard, with a superimposed illustration of a net in red.

The first Iberoamerican Congress for Open Science took place on 23 and 24 November 2022, as a forum for Iberoamerican dialogue on the right to science and to promote change in how we understand science, from an inclusive, open, participatory, and responsible perspective. Read More →

VHL 25 Years: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities

VHL's 25 years anniversary logo

In 1998, the Latin American and Caribbean Health Information Network approved the Declaration of San José “Towards the Virtual Health Library”. 25 Years of the VHL development have gone by as a health information management framework for LA&C. There were many achievements and challenges that turned into opportunities thanks to coordinated network working and the availability of common methodologies and systems. We experience the advancement of digital collections, cloud storage, open science, open data, institutional repositories, open software, etc. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at our doorstep and, more than a challenge or threat, it is an opportunity to renew the VHL model and celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Read More →

SciELO MarketPlace – commercialization platform for scholarly communication products and services

SciELO 25 Years logo

Based on the experience of certifying companies and consultants providing support services for journal production for more than ten years, the SciELO Program launches in 2023 the SciELO MarketPlace as a web platform to manage the supply and demand of national and international scholarly communication products and services that meet the requirements of SciELO methodologies with the objectives of expanding and strengthening the research communication infrastructure and professionalism of journal production according to the state of the art at accessible costs. SciELO MartePlace is the outcome of a partnership with the company Bradoo specialized in customizing resource management via the Odoo system. Read More →