SciELO Program pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of the Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia (IBICT)

IBICT logoThe Brazilian Institute of Information on Science and Technology (IBICT) is celebrating 70 years dedicated to promoting the development of national capacities and infrastructures for research, teaching, and practices in scientific and technical information management.

Over these seven decades, IBICT has developed, adopted, and adapted theories, methodologies, and technologies that have spanned paper, offline digital, and online recording media, always seeking to democratize the publication, recording and access to scientific and technical information. It led a network of libraries which, through the COMUT system, enabled national access to copies of printed articles, implemented the operation of bibliographic databases that record scientific output that is communicated nationally and a national preservation service, adopted open access to scientific literature with the advent of online publishing and, in recent years, is one of the leading national institutions in Open Science.

IBICT has historically stood out for its governance, which has led transformative programs and projects, overcome challenges, ensured the achievement of its mission and objectives and institutional sustainability as a public policy reference in Brazil. Operationally, it stands out for its innovation, pioneering spirit, and high technical and operational capacity in the promotion, implementation, and operation of scientific and technical information products and services in line with the international state of the art, always focusing its work on national conditions and priorities that include the constant challenge of improving equitable and inclusive policies, practices, and contexts in the face of our great geographical, institutional, and cultural diversity, which includes the development of Portuguese as a scientific language.

The SciELO Program is proud to join the national and international tributes recognizing IBICT’s leadership and contribution as an integral part of the national science and technology system, positioning Brazil among the countries committed to advancing policies, knowledge, and infrastructure in information and scientific knowledge in favor of national development, following the goals of sustainable development.

Congratulations to IBICT’s management and staff, who have inherited an institution that is a source of pride for Brazil from historic leaders and professionals in library and information science.

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