Author: Saúde Em Debate

Data papers… and FAIR [Originally published in the Road to FAIR blog in June/2022]

Photograph of a laptop, a notebook and a sheet of paper with images of graphics on a gray table.

In a scientific ecosystem increasingly oriented towards the perspective of Open Science, data papers are a new species of scholarly publication, especially in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). Read More →

Lockdown or participatory health surveillance? Lessons from the Covid-19 [Originally published in Saúde debate, vol 44., no. 124]

In the second half of March 2020, the indiscriminate closure of cities (Lockdown) was discussed in Brazil, as opposed to the Chinese and Korean experience of epidemiological surveillance by popular mobilization with organization and information by the base, selec-tive closure, and maintenance of essential services such as health, food, and survival. Read More →