Author: Acta Paulista De Enfermagem

Homemade cloth face masks as a barrier against respiratory droplets – systematic review [Originally published in Acta paul. enferm. vol.33]

Using cloth face masks provides a barrier against droplets when compared with not using any face masks. The face mask is an additional preventive mesuare and must be used along with respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, social distancing, and isolation of cases. Image: Vera Davidova. Read More →

Health professionals fight against COVID-19 [Originally published in Acta paul. enferm. vol.33]

Health professional are at a higher risk for the infection. In Brazil, as well as in other countries, thousands of health professionals have to leave their positions due to COVID-19 infection and many have died. Data of health professionals team providing frontline care for COVID-19 show physical and mental exhaustion, difficult in triage decision, anxiety for the pain of losing a patient and a colleague, all in addition to the infection risk and possibility of passing the infection to their family. Image: Ashkan Forouzani. Read More →